Change The Rules

The Change The Rules Podcast celebrates the rule breakers in the nonprofit and social impact communities. In each episode, hosts Lisa and Dan Graham lead a conversation with a guest that shows us what it really means to be innovative in business and impact.

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    Episode 31 - The Recipe for Giving

    This week Tiffany and Leon Chen join us in the studio to share their recipe for success, which includes passion, philanthropy, and community building.

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    Episode 26 - Transcending Cycles of Poverty

    Our guest today, Natasha Harper-Madison is the Founder of East Austin Advocates and currently running for Austin City Council District 1. While her life has taken a leap into the political sector, her journey began as an entrepreneur at just nineteen years old. From there she went on to found many other successful companies and philanthropic ventures, all the while, keeping her mission as her driving force. Natasha’s lifelong mission is to help transcend cycles of poverty through philanthropy. Natasha is a fighter and makes a point to live a life that leaves a legacy for her family and community. Listen now.

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    Episode 25 - Impactful Investing in Philanthropy

    On today’s episode of Change The Rules, we welcome the CEO and founder of Proper Wealth Management, a boutique weather management and investment advisory firm dedicated to creating dynamic strategies designed to create bigger legacies and empower clients to donate to the charities and causes that matter to them. Jared is passionate about figuring what the right moves for each, unique client case, especially when it comes to impact investing. Between personal portfolios, estate planning, tax savings, and philanthropy, each different and unique conversation that Jared has with clients shapes his perspective on the overlap of profitable financial returns and social impact. Listen to this week’s podcast to learn about the effects of deploying capital in low-income communities, underdeveloped regions, investing in companies with a social impact model, or organizations with powerful missions.

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    Episode 24 - Making Fair Trade Fashionable

    Kirsten Dickerson founded Raven + Lily, a fair trade fashion and home retailer employing at risk women from around the world, after years of traveling and working in the nonprofit sector. Her travels brought to light these women’s desire for education and need for a marketplace for their skills and products. With help from friends in the design and fashion industries she established Raven + Lily.

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    Episode 23 - Cultivating Communities That Last

    On today’s show, we welcome Alex Winkelman Zeplain, Founder of Hello My Tribe an online community for mothers, and Hayley Swindell, Founder and CEO of The Refinery a coworking community and event space in downtown Austin.

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    Episode 22 - A Marketplace By Women For Women

    This week, we sat down with our good friend Monica Peraza, CEO of, an online marketplace where women designers and artisans connect with buyers from around the world looking for unique, high-end products. alegreea is a marketplace by women for women, and this vision is very clearly ingrained in each aspect of the company. In the episode, we explore the access struggle that women makers outside of the US experience and how alegreea is closing this gap. Listen now!

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